Ireland, New York or Barcelona

Improve your language communication skills

Our very own and exclusive “Family Experience” programme.

Each one of our Host Families is interviewed by our Language consultants so as ensure the best home for your stay. It is the family along with our leaders on site that make sure all your needs are for whichever purpose you may have.
Both our families and team are there with you every step of the way to make your stay a memorable one!

Family experience in New York (Port Washington) or in Ireland (Dublin, Wexford, Cork and many more)

Also the perfect chance to learn Spanish in a real authentic Host Family in Barcelona!


2018 New Brochure

Our new Brochure here!!

Family Experience

Culture + Fun


Programme includes


  • On arrival, Chaplin’s students are given a welcome and information pack. This information gives each student and families contact details in case of emergency.
  • Our students are placed in carefully-selected host families and can immerse in the host family life. Host family stay will include full board accommodation.
  • Students are given the opportunity to meet their host family and our leaders online before departure. All our Chapliners questions are answered 24-7.
  • Host Families and teachers are to complete a monthly report sheet for parents outlining progress in school, life during the student’s stay with the family and outside activities.
  • Students are given the opportunity to have regular meetings in central locations with our coordinators and managers. Instant feedback is given to parents back home.
  • The Host family encourages and will assist students to participate in local extra curricular activities and sports.
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