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Adult level test (+15 years)

Complete the test and know your level of English in 2 minutes

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  1. 1.Complete the sentences with the appropiate verb tense

    • He usually a suit to work.
    • At the moment I The Client by J. Grisham.
    • to Helena’s party on Friday? I don’t know, I don’t like parties.
    • What does your wife do? She for Microsoft.
    • The phone always rings when I a shower.
    • We to the cinema last night.
    • I such a bad film!
    • I John since September.
    • My brother and his girlfriend for thirteen years.
    • When I was a child I how to ride a bike.
  2. 2. Past simple, past continuous or past perfect? Complete the passage.

    My daughter (get) married in 1991 when she (be) twenty-nine years old. She (meet) her husband while she (study) Spanish at University in London. Her husband, Pepe, (just/finish) a Master in Translation Studies and (do) his final project. She tells me it (be) love at first sight. After my daughter (finish) her studies, they (spend) a year travelling around Europe.

  3. 3. Choose the correct answer

    • She is very attractive. She's got .
    • He needs change a phone call.
    • He his exams if he studies hard.
    • "I don't have any money", John told me.
      John told me that he any money.
    • Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio in 1901.
      The radio by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901.
    • “ How is your English?” “It’s better".
    • If I were you, I buy a flat in that part of the city.
    • My daughter hate vegetables but she likes them now.
    • I to Galicia on Holidays this summer.
    • Only of my colleagues can speak English well.
    • I’ll tell him as soon as he .
    • Paris is city I've ever seen.
    • I study German next year. I haven’t decided yet.
    • When I was a child, my parents never me go to discos.
    • Children find it easy new languages.
    • What is she .
  4. 4. Choose one of the following titles and write a composition (100-120 words)

    • -Men and women are trated equally nowadays in every aspect
    • -It was a day I’ll never forget
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